What you do best >> Portraits of people in their workplace

Those are people we know. They do a job and they're good at it. I try to catch something about their attitude while they speak, teach, introduce an idea. They can be confrontational or whimsy, appear sad and alone or happy and friendly. I think it's about public image vs. true personality; that's why it's important to me not to stage them, but to catch them in their work environment. 

Photography legend Josef Koudelka, showing friends around his retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, 9.2018.

Petra Hůlová, Czech author. Launching the 1st issue of the renewed Revue Prostor.

Gary Koren, Israeli ambassador to the Czech Republic, a week before leaving office, in his residence. December 2016.

Czech president Miloš Zeman gets ready to speak, while his bodyguard is handed the president’s walking cane. Zeman hosted Israel’s 70th Independence Day celebration at the Spanish Hall of Prague Castle, 25.4.2018.

Photographer Ondřej Polák in his studio, teaching students how to work with film.

Israeli author Ayelet Gundar Goshen during a book signing event at the Václav Havel Library in Prague, 8.10.2018.

Neurophysiologist Tomáš Radil talk to students about his days in German concentration camp Auschwitz Birkenau, build on Polish land.

New manager of the International Hotel in Prague.
Hotel International in Prague was opened in 1957 and was considered the city's first skyscraper (at 67m). It is built in the style of social realism after the model of Warsaw's Palace of Culture and Science, and Moscow's Lomonosov University. There is a balcony underneath the Soviet Star at it's top, that is closed for visits. Unless you are lucky, that is. The new manager of the hotel is pictured here on that balcony.

Chief Israeli Rabbi David Lau. 3.2019.

Chief Czech Rabbi and Sci-Fi bestselling author Karol Sidon.

Robin Böhnisch, Czech MP, in the Parliament. December 2016.

Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. 3.2019.

Daniel Meron, new Israeli ambassador to the Czech Republic, is watching himself in a film during a lecture at the Lauder School in Prague, December 2017.

Israeli ambassador to the Czech Republic, Daniel Meron, prepares for his speech at Israel’s 70th Independence Day celebration, hosted by Czech president Zeman, at the Spanish Hall of Prague Castle, 25.4.2018.

Daniel Köppl, executive manager of Empresa Media which holds and publishes numerous magazines in the Czech Republic, as well as runs the popular TV Barrandov, describes the inside of the industry, in his conference room in Prague.

Jan Kraus, popular talk show host, giving a lecture to students.

Rabbi Herschel Gluck, OBE, chairman of the Arab-Jewish Forum.